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Updated 20 hours ago by Copado Solutions

Copado has enhanced the deployment task scope. You can not only create and manage the manual task but also six more deployment tasks can be created and managed from the user story view.

If you click on New Deployment Task, the following window will be displayed to manage all the related tasks.

Users who can access deployment tasks can create tasks with the following types by a lightning-ready page:

  1. Manual Task
  2. Data
  3. Bulk Data
  4. Delete MetaData
  5. Custom Setting
  6. Apex
  7. URL Callout

For more information about the deployment tasks types, please, read Deployment Steps.

If the user story has deployment tasks associated with it, these tasks will be converted to deployment steps when the deployment created is the user story. By using this feature, planning releases will be much easier.

To use this feature you need at least read permissions in the Deployment Task object and proper FLS in the dataJSON__c field of the Deployment Task object.

As of v10, the deployment tasks list in the user story will show the task order, type and status and they will be sorted by the Order field. Check Copado v10's Release Notes for upgrade instructions.

As of v11, you have the ability to add attachments to the deployment tasks. This way, Copado makes it easier to find related attachments when all tasks are combined in a promotion. This release also includes an Owner field in manual tasks in deployments and user stories' deployment tasks, and the owner can be notified via chatter, email or both. Your deployments won't get stuck again waiting for a manual intervention!

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