User Story Overlap Awareness

Updated 8 months ago by Iván Minaya

The User Story Overlap Awareness feature (available as of Version 4.0) will periodically check whether Metadata or Git Metadata added to User Stories has potential conflicts.
The scheduled batch process will evaluate all User Stories that are associated with an indexed project. To mark a Project as "indexed" simply check the checkbox called, "Index Metadata". User Stories where the parent project is either not defined or where the Index Metadata checkbox is not checked, will not be evaluated for potential conflicts.

When a potential conflict is found, the Status of the User Story Metadata record for each potential conflict against each User Story will be updated and marked as "Potential Conflict".

As of v9, the checkbox "Stop Indexing Metadata" available within User Stories will allow, when checked, to exclude that User Story in particular from the indexing metadata process and the search for potential conflicts with other User Stories Metadata.

To enable this feature, follow these steps in FLS:

  • Add a new field: Stop_Indexing_Metadata__c
  • Add a new field to the User Story Layout: Stop_Indexing_Metadata__c
  • Optionally, you can setup a workflow so that the Stop Indexing Metadata field is checked automatically based on your own business rule. (e.g. once Environment = Production)

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