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  • From the Project detail page, click on the “New User Story” button from the User Story related list.
  • Add the desired information. If the sprint is selected (but not a project) Copado will automatically set the Project lookup field to the Sprint's project.
  • Setting the "Promote change" checkbox to true, will make the User Story eligible for Promotion.
  • Setting the "Promote and Deploy" checkbox to true, will trigger a new Promotion record for that User Story, it will be execute immediately.

Since Copado v9 we have added different record types for user stories:

  • Bug
  • Investigation
  • User Story

Notes to Admin: The page layout may be modified using standard Salesforce page layouts. It is recommended that the below fields are made read-only on the page layout:

  • Minimum Apex Code Coverage
  • Apex Code Coverage
  • Has Apex Code

As all information is stored in a custom object, standard workflow rules, approval processes and validation rules can be set to match your requirements.

As for Copado Fall 2015 v3.10, new buttons and related list are available. To enable them, Sys Admins need add the following items to the User Story page layout

  • "Add Commits" button 
  • "Commit Files" button
  • "User Story Commits" related list

See section User Stories - Git Metadata

As for Copado Winter 2016 v4.0, new related list and fields are available. To enable them, Sys Admins need to add the following items to the layouts

  • Project layout -> Index_Metadata
  • Deployment Flow layout -> Git repository
  • Deployment Flow layout -> Main branch
  • Deployment Flow Step layout -> branch
  • Environment Layout -> Branch Management Permissions related list

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