Team Dependency

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You can create team dependencies from:

  • The User Story page related list.
  • The Team page. 

Types of Dependencies

  1. Team Dependencies needed for this Team.
  2. Team Dependencies on this Team. 

How to Create a Team Dependency

  1. Click on New Team Dependency.
  2. In the Dependent Team field, select the team requiring the work to be delivered.
  3. In Deliverable, provide a short description of the requirements of the work.
  4. Select the Provider Team that is going do deliver the work.
  5. Save.

You can optionally provide the Dependent User Story and the Provider User Story. Whenever you provide them, the record will be shown in the User Story related List. 

Deploying with Dependencies

Whenever you create a promotion with user stories that have uncompleted dependencies, a warning icon will be shown next to the Create Deployment button. 

A Missing Dependencies Warning is shown in the following instance:

  • When you are trying to promote a user story which has a dependency and the Provider User Story has not been promoted.

You can define a Skip Dependency formula field to filter unresolved dependencies. 

Defining a Skip Dependency Condition

You can design a skip dependency rule. To do so Copado provides the following custom metadata: Copado Settings > Team Dependency, where you can specify the API name of a formula field in the Team Dependency object.  By default, Copado sets the value to Skip_Dependency__c field.

How to Create Your Own Skip Dependency Condition
  • Create a formula field in the Team Dependency object with your own criteria. 
  • Under Settings > Custom Metadata > Copado Settings > Team Dependency, replace the text field value with the field API name you defined. 

By default,  Skip_Dependency__c field has this criterion: OR( ISPICKVAL( Dependency_Status__c ,'Completed'), ISPICKVAL( Dependency_Status__c ,'Deferred'), ISPICKVAL( Dependency_Status__c ,'Never'))

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