How to Create a Pull Request

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Pull requests let you tell your team about the changes you have pushed to a branch in a repository. Thus, your team can review the code and give feedback on the changes before merging this branch into the master branch.

Pull requests can be created between two different user stories, from a promotion or from an individual user story. We will describe these options in more detail below.

Creating a Pull Request Between Different User Stories

  • This option is available when the same component is committed in more than one user story and has been tracked by Copado's Overlap Awareness Feature. Whenever a pull request is created, Copado will compare user stories' feature branches.
  • Follow these steps in order to create a pull request between two user stories' feature branches:
  1. Open a user story that has components tracked by Copado's Overlap Awareness Feature.
  2. In the User Story page, click on a component from the User Story Metadata related list.
  3. A list of user stories with the components will be displayed. 
  4. From the related User Story Metadata table, select the user story you want to compare it with and click on Pull Request.

Creating a Pull Request from a Promotion

  • A pull request from a promotion will compare the promotion branch with the destination branch.
  • Follow these steps to create a pull request from a promotion:
    1. Open the Promotion record to compare.
    2. Under the Deployments related list, in the Action column, click on Pull Request.

Creating a Pull Request from an Individual User Story

  • When you commit files to a user story, a pull request button will be enabled on the user story page. Whenever you create a pull request, the user story feature branch will be compared to the destination branch.
  • Follow these steps to create a user story pull request:
    1. Open a user story with complete Git commits.
    2. From the drop-down menu in the top right corner, click on Open Pull Request.

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