Mass Back Promotion

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By clicking on Mass Back Promote you can choose the source org and the project/release. Copado will display the candidate environments and user stories and allow you to back promote them in bulk.

In order to mass back promote user stories to your lower environments, follow these steps:

  1. On the Release Management page, choose the Source Environment. This is the environment that holds the user stories that are going to be back promoted.
  2. Choose the Project or Release.
  3. Select the user stories you want to back promote and the Destination Environment.
  4. Click on Create Back Promotion or on Create Back Promotion & Deploy.

Whenever you choose a source environment and project/release, Copado Smart Candidates Algorithm will show the environments with candidate user stories to be back promoted. A locked environment means that either the user story originated in that environment or it has already been back promoted. 

Multiple-Source Mass Back Promotion

If you need to create a mass back promotion from different source environments, follow the steps below:

  1. Follow the regular mass back promotion steps and click on Create Back Promotion.
  2. From the Created Back Promotions screen, click on Prepare another promotion and repeat the process. 

Whenever you deploy back promotions, a Deployment Status will be displayed with the deployment status information. 

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