How to Create a Promotion

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Creating a Promotion

In order to create a promotion, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Promotions tab and click on New.
  2. Select the Project or the Release. It is possible to create a promotion for user stories that belong to a project or to a release regardless of the project.
  3. Add the Source Environment. Copado will automatically fill in the source org credential, the destination environment and the destination org credential based on the deployment flow related to the project/project's release and the available credential owned by the running user.
    If an org credential is marked as Default Credential, the promotion will use that credential regardless of the owner. This allows sharing "deployment" org credential among multiple release managers.
  4. Locate the required user stories from the Available User Stories list, mark them and click on Add selected User Stories. The selected user stories will be displayed now under the Selected User Stories related list.

Promoting a Single User Story

Copado allows you to promote user stories individually. This can be useful, for instance, if you want to apply a minor fix to a bug which does not share any dependency to another user story.

In order to promote a user story, you just have to navigate to the user story you want to promote and check the Promote and Deploy checkbox. Copado will then create a promotion and a deployment of the selected user story and will automatically execute the deployment.

Promoting Multiple User Stories

Copado allows you to promote user stories in bulk. In order to do this and prior to following the steps in the section Creating a Promotion, navigate to the user stories you want to promote and check the Promote Change checkbox. The user stories will then be ready to be promoted and will be available for selection in the promotion.

When using Promote Change, Copado will not automatically create the deployment, this will have to be manually performed from the Promotion record. To learn more, please visit the article Creating a Deployment.

Promoting User Stories from Multiple Projects

Make sure all the projects are linked to the same deployment flow. To promote user stories from different projects, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Release record linked to one of the projects.
  2. Link all user stories to the release.
  3. Create a Promotion record and select the release.
  4. The user stories linked to the release will be listed in the Promotion page.
  5. Continue the usual promotion process by selecting the user stories to promote and then creating the deployment.

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