User Story Validation stuck

If the Validation of a User Story is taking longer than usual, something might caused the process to fail at some point causing the validation to get stuck leaving the validation pop up in the User Story interface "locking" the user story record.

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Although the pop up can be hidden, it will appear again every time you open the user story and this one will keep refreshing continuously. The information below will help you understand what happened and how to stop the validation.

The validation process of a User Story is the same as if we enable the checkbox "Promote and Deploy" in the user story but, when we validate, the Deployment record that is created contains a CheckOnly deployment step so that nothing is deployed. The validation process will create a Promotion record and a validate only Deployment record. Once the validation deployment is completed successfully or with errors, the validation process will finish. If the validation deployment is never completed, the validation process will never finish and you will keep seeing the pop up "Validation in progress" when opening the user story. So, whenever you run into this situation, you need to check the status of the validation deployment.

There are 3 fields in the User Story object that will help you check the status of the validation.
- Last Validation Deployment.
- Last Validation Promotion.
- Last Validation Deployment Status.
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If you do not have these fields in the layout, you can run a report of User Stories, filter by the "User Story Reference" an add the 3 fields to the report to see their current values.

Once you have located the 3 fields, review the possible causes below that could have caused the validation to get stuck.

1. There is not a Validation Promotion record. The Promotion could not be created. Most likely because the user that triggered the validation doesn't have the necessary permissions or visibility to the org credentials required.
2. There is a Validation Promotion record but not a Validation Deployment record. Although this is unusual, it could happen also due to a lack of permissions on the user triggering the validation.
3. There is a Validation Deployment record. In this case we will have to navigate to the deployment record and figure out why it's not completed.
a) If the status of the deployment is Scheduled, check the article Deployment stuck on scheduled. You might be facing some of the scenarios described there.
b) If the status of the deployment is In Progress, check the View Deployment Status page to see if the validation deployment was actually completed or not and change the status to the appropriate one following the steps here.

Once you have figured out why the reason why the validation is stuck, take the necessary actions to prevent this issue from happening again and cancel the validation process by deleting the Validation Deployment record.


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