User Story Metadata related list shows components not committed

When committing components in a User Story with Copado you might see many entries in 'User Story Metadata' related list though you haven't committed them.

Copado doesn't merge files in Git but entire branches. The components you can see in the User Story Metadata related list after committing can be:
  1. Components that you already committed in other User Stories, with the Potential Conflict status.
  2. Files in which Git has found differences between the source branch and the feature branch. These differences are detected while merging the feature branch (created from master) and the source branch, as the final step of the commit process.
This usually happens because the master branch is quite different from the source branch as a result of a wrong initialization of the branches, which according to the best practices of Copado, all the branches should be initialized as a copy of the master branch.


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