Should we create an Org credentials for each user?

Please note this article does not apply to the Org Credential for the Organization where Copado is installed. Each user should own an Org credentials for the Org where Copado is installed. This is a prerequisite.

Ideally, each user working with Copado should own an Org Credential for each environment they will be working on. However, I you do not want each developer to have their own org credential record with a Git Snapshot linked to it, as this would mean creating a large number of  records, you can use default Org Credentials.

To make an Org Credentials as default you only need to mark the "Default Credential" checkbox in the credential record.
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This will reduce the number of records that must be created, but you will have to make sure that the org credentials are shared properly. Since the object Org Credentials is set as private in the Sharing Settings, only the owner of the record can View and Edit it. Git Snapshot is a child in a master-detail relationship with Org Credentials, therefore the access to these records will depend on the parent.

To prevent Insufficient access on cross reference entity errors when using default Org Credetials you will need to make sure the users have read/write access to the Org Credetials record via:
  • The Share button in the Org Credential record.
  • Sharing rules for the Org Credential object.
  • Modify All permission for the Org Credential object in the profile or a permission set

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