Error when deploying Profiles - 'You may not modify the permission while editing a Standard Profile'

When deploying profiles with Copado, you might encounter the following error:

"You may not modify the permission XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX while editing a Standard Profile"

Standard profiles in Salesforce cannot be modified.

The Admin profile you are deploying has that specific permission enabled in source org but not in destination org therefore Copado tries to enable it on destination org but that is not possible. If the profile is a standard profile and cannot be enabled, why that difference in the permission? Certain permissions in standard profiles can be enabled or disabled when specific features are enabled in the org. In this case, a feature could have been enabled in the source causing that permission to be enabled. If that feature is not enabled in the destination org, that permission won't be enabled but Copado will try to set it as enabled if you deploy the Profile.

What options do you have?

1. Review both source and destination orgs to make sure the same features are enabled.
2. Ignore that permission when deploying using the Find and Replace feature or .yml files.

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