[ERROR] Could not upsert Attachment: MetaData for Parent

The Org's metadata is stored in your Copado Org as an attachment. If your organization has an extensive amount of metadata and you are getting the error Could not upsert Attachment: MetaData for Parent while refreshing Org metadata cache, you will be most likely hitting the Salesforce filesize hard limit.

In the article below you will find information about the maximum size of the attachments in Salesforce:


There are 2 possible ways to work this out:

1. In the Org credential, filter the metadata types you do not consider necessary to track.

2. Enable the Type Filtered Metadata Grid.


3. Contact Salesforce Support in order to increase the file size limit. If you are contacting Salesforce to have this limit increase, please request to increase the limit to 36 since API limits are not affected by this and cannot be increased so attachments larger than 36MB have to be attached via the UI only as per the article below:


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