Deployment is completed succesfully but Deployment remains 'In Progress'

In some scenarios, Validation rules you have setup in User story/Promotion objects can prevent a Deployment to update its status to Success. If you run into this situation and you want to locate the Validation rule being triggered, you can try the steps below:

1. Go to the home tab.
2. Remove home/home.jsp from the url.
3. Paste DeploymentId?nooverride=1
4. You are now in the stardard layout for Deployment record, overriding the Visualforce page.
5. In the Steps related list, click on the step name that is still running. (The Git Promotion step)
6. Click in the Deployment Job name in the Deployment Jobs related list.
7. Click Edit, change the Status to Success and % Deployed to 100 and Save.
8. You should be able now to see the Validation error and the record Id that we are failing to udpate. 
9. Locate the validation rule and amend the User stories/Promotion record to comply with the Validation Rule. 
10. Once this is done, you should be able to udpate the Deployment Job to Success. This will cascade the update to Deployment step and Deployment.

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