Could not authenticate with DevHubOrg

When trying to create a Scratch Org from the Copado DX Panel you might get the error below:

"Could not authenticate with DevHubOrg"

Whenever this happens check if the Org Credential selected in the "Select a Dev Hub Org" field is a Sandbox or a Production. If the Org Credential is a Sandbox, you will not be able to authenticate the scratch org. You must use a Production or Developer org as the Dev Hub Org.
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If the Org Credential selected is the right one, check if the settings below in the Connected App "Copado DX" are correct. You will find the Copado DX connected in the org where Copado is installed under the Connected Apps section in Setup.

User-added image

Make sure the profile or permission set of the user creating the Scratch Org has been added in the list of profiles or permission set in the Copado DX connected app.

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