Component not available to be selected in the Metadata Grid

When working with Copado the components available in the organizations are displayed in the Metadata Grid. This grid is displayed in pages like Git Snapshot and Org Credentials and also when Committing in user stories or selecting components to be deployed in a Metadata deployment step.

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This grid doesn't contain the actual metadata of the components displayed. It only contains the name of the components. 

If the component you are looking for doesn't appear in the list, check the following:

1. The cache has been refreshed after the component was created. Click in the "Refresh cache" link to refresh the list of components.
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2. Make sure the user in the org credentials linked to that grid has access to the component you are looking for. If the component in the organization was created by a System Administrator and the user in the org credential linked to that grid is a different one with no access to that component, the component will not appear in the grid. Which one is the org credential linked to the grid? It is for example the org credential linked to the Git Snapshot that is being used to commit or the source org credential in a deployment record.

3. If you do not see the component after checking #1 and #2, the component might not be supported by the Describe calls that we use to display the components. These are standard Salesforce describe calls and we display the components returned by them. You can double check if the component you are looking for is returned by these calls following the steps below in Workbench.

a) Log into the org from this url:
b) Click on Info and then select "Metadata Types and Components"
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c) Select the metadata type for the component you are looking for. The list of components for that type will be displayed. If the component doesn't appear on that list, the component will not be displayed in the metadata grid in Copado.
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