Commits Behind and Commits Ahead doesn't match the number of commits returned by Git

When using branch management you might notice that the number of commits in the tabs Commits Behind and Commits Ahead is different than the number of commits returned by Git when doing a pull request between the same 2 branches.

Due to performance implications, Copado calculates the commits in a different way that GiHub or other providers do it. This is the reason why you might see more or less commits than the number returned in Git. 

The documentation Git Branch Divergence Calculation explains how the Branch Divergence is calculated in Copado. 
Please note that we are planning to deprecate the tabs Commits Behind and Commits Ahead in the future. Our recommendation is to use the File Differences tab and the User Stories Ahead and Behind when working with branch management and, if you want to know the exact difference of commits between branches, you can check Git. 

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