Changes detected in target branch 'XXXXXXXX'

During the deployment of a Git Promotion step, the promotion branch is deployed into the target org and, if this deployment is successful, the promotion branch is merged into the target branch.

During this process we may detected changes in the target branch what means that the deployment and merge in Git of the promotion branch into the target branch might have been done incorrectly. These warnings might appear if several deployments have been made at the same time or if the branches were modified manually while the deployments were being executed.

Warning #1
"Changes detected in target branch 'XXXXXXXXXXXX' during deployment execution, please try to restart the deployment or recreate the promotion branch out of the new target branch state. Promotion Branch = 'promotion/P05469-YYYYYYYYYYYYYYY'"

Action required:
The components in the deployment were deployed into the target org but the promotion branch was not merged into the target branch.
Re-deploying the deployment will make sure that the process is completed using the up to date status of the target branch.

Warning #2
"Changes detected in target branch 'XXXXXXXXXXXX' after promotion branch Promotion Branch = 'promotion/P05469-YYYYYYYYYYYYYYY' was created, please recreate promotion branch out of the new target branch state."

Action required:
You need to create the deployment again from the promotion record to create a new promotion branch from the updated target branch. 
If this doesn't solve the issue try adding @gitDepth=XXX to the name of the new Deployment record created from the promotion, where XXX is the depth of the history of commits that are used. 
Some examples:

Please note that @gitDepth is case sensitive. 

Warning #3
"Changes detected in target branch 'XXXXXXXXXXXX' after creation of the Promotion Branch 'promotion/P05469-YYYYYYYYYYYYYYY', auto merge successfully performed to incorporate the last changes to the deployment."

Action required:
No action is required in this scenario.

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