Environment Record Fields

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An Environment represents a Salesforce organization and is created automatically when an org credential is authenticated. Below you will find a description of all the relevant fields included in an Environment record.


  • Environment Name: Name chosen for your environment.
  • Org ID: External ID of the organization linked to an environment.
  • Type: Select the type of environment. It can be a Production/Developer environment, a Sandbox environment or a Scratch Org environment.
  • Run all tests: If selected, Run all tests will be enforced when deploying to an environment.
  • Namespace: If you are developing managed packages, this will help you write only one version of the pre/post Apex Code in Selenium Test Suites. Copado will replace any "(!NS)" text with this value.
  • Index Back Promotion Metadata: If enabled, when a back promotion which contains metadata found in user stories in the destination environment is completed, the status of the User Story Metadata records of these user stories will be updated to 'Back Promoted'.
  • Created By: Name of the user that has created the environment.
  • Owner: Name of the user that owns the environment.
  • Current SCA Score: Current Static Code Analysis Score.
  • Maximum SCA Score: Maximum Static Code Analysis Score.
  • Minimum Apex Test Coverage: Set the minimum Apex Test Coverage here, which will be used for Apex Test Results in the Org Credentials detail page.
  • Current Code Coverage: This field shows the percentage of code covered during an Apex Test.
  • Last Modified By: Name of the user that last modified the environment.


  • Compliance Rule Group: A Compliance Rule Group holds the reference to the Compliance Rules and criteria which are going to be enforced at an environment level.
  • Compliance Scan Events: You can select either Deployments or Commits.
  • Compliance Status: This field shows the status of the Compliance Scan.
  • Last Compliance Scan Date: Date when the last Compliance Scan was run.

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