DX Planning Operations

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Planning operations are intended to help you on your transition to Salesforce DX

From the DX Operation Panel you have Planning Operations Available.

Manage Artifacts

You can manage metadata used for your artifacts from the Manage Artifacts Operation Page. From here you can review the created artifacts filtered by the org credential used for its creation.

 Since artifacts can be of Git and Unmanaged package Type the process for their creation is different.

How to manage Git Artifact:

  1. Select the Org Credential used as source for the creation of the artifact.
  2. Click on Manage Metadata button.
  3. Choose required metadata from the grid.
  4. Save.

How to manage Package Artifact:

  1. Select the Org Credential used as source for the creation of the artifact. 
  2. Click on Manage Package Selection button.
  3. Choose required Unmanaged Package from the grid.
  4. Save.

    Manage Definition Template 

    Setting up different scratch org definition templates allows you to easily create scratch orgs with different shapes based on the predefined template.

    In order to spin up a scratch org, developers and admins need to have deep knowledge and understanding about all Salesforce features and org preferences, also they need to know which features and preferences they have in their production environment because the feature they need to develop, may depend on those features or org preferences. For instance, in order to work on Communities related development, communities should be enabled in the scratch org.

    A template holds all the configurations and features to be enabled for a scratch org. Release managers, project manager or system administrators can create these templates and developers and admins can just select the template to create a scratch org.

    Important: Definition template does NOT hold the metadata for a Scratch Org. 

    • Choose Org Definition Template Name
    • From the Detail Section complete mandatory fields:
      • Select Dev Hub Org 
      • Scratch Org Edition 
      • Expiration Day
    • Complete additional configuration:
      • Features to enable
      • Country
      • Language 
      • Preferences
    • Click on Save As Template.

    Manage Project Template

    The project Template holds the  initial metadata that Copado will push to the scratch org, all selected metadata sources will be included in project definition as package directories and those will be pushed to the scratch org to complete the initial setup. 

    Important: Project templates only holds the metadata to push into the Scratch Org, Enabled features, Org Edition or other configuration are NOT defined on Project Template. 

    Project Templates are created from Git or Package Artifacts.

    In order to create a Project Template:

    • Click on Manage Project Template
    • Select Git Artifacts or Package Artifacts
    • If you want to Clone Existing, look up Project Template
    • Set Template Name
    • Select the Org Credential
    • Select the Git or Package Artifact
    • Click on Save As Template.

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