Scheduled Jobs

Updated 11 months ago by Iván Minaya

Scheduled Job Overview

Automated Copado jobs can be performed for your Organization on a scheduled basis. Now, with the Scheduled Jobs, Copado brings you the opportunity of a more granular scheduling using the Copado Webhooks.

Scheduling Jobs

To schedule a job:

  1. Click on the Scheduled Jobs tab.
  2. Click on the "Look up Copado Webhook" and choose the job you want to schedule.
  3. Select a running user and the number of days to keep in the History. Make sure that the running user has a Copado License assigned and permissions to perform the job. Make sure that the running user has created an API Key.

Once the record is saved, click on the Schedule button.
Then, select the desired scheduling basis and click the Create Cron Expression button.

After saving, the Schedule Information panel will display the current configuration:

To unschedule the job, you need to Stop the Job, and optionally Delete the record.

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