Deployment Step: Git Metadata

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The Git Metadata deployment step lets you deploy contents from a Git Commit to an Org using the Metadata API.

When this deployment step is executed, Copado retrieves the selected metadata from the Git repository and deploys it to the destination Org. 

Step Options

  • Check Only option will not deploy the changes, it will be a Validation only deployment.
  • Test Level deploy options
    • No Test Run (no apex test are run unless it is a production deployment)
    • Run Specified Tests (only included apex test classes will run, aka Fast Deploy)
    • Run Local Tests (all apex test classes excluding managed packages)
    • Run All Tests In Org (all apex test classes including managed packages)
    More information regarding Test Levels.
  • Find and Replace in files allows users to find a specific text inside the Metadata files using a Regular Expression for matching, and replacing matching pieces with a given text. Use cases for this feature are countless,  examples can be found within the Metadata step section above.
It's also possible to create a deployment directly from a Git Repository, please refer to this article.

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