Deploy Outstanding vs. Deploy All

Updated 1 day ago by Iván Minaya

Deployments Overview

When creating a deployment Copado will create a Deployment Job which is a junction object between the Step and the Destination Org. For example, when creating a deployment with 2 Steps and 2 Destination Orgs the result is that 4 Deployment Jobs are created. This means that Copado will perform 4 deployments (the two Steps separately to each of the 2 Orgs).

What does ‘Deploy Outstanding’ mean?

When each of the deployment jobs is executed and completes it will either return a success or failure. It may be time inefficient/undesirable to repeat deployments that have already been completed successfully. Copado therefore allows for the deployment to be continued, starting at the first failure, without having to reinitiate the deployment and deploying already deployed components.

The credits are calculated for each deployment job and successful Deployment Jobs are not counted within this calculation.

What does ‘Deploy All’ mean?

When the ‘Deploy All’ button is pressed, the status of every single Deployment Job is reset to ‘Pending’ meaning that every deployment job is re-initiated and will be deployed.

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