Credit Usage

Updated 10 months ago by Iván Minaya

Copado is available on a subscription model awarding a licensed user, depending on the subscription level, a certain amount of top-up credits each month.

At the beginning of each month (or billing period as defined by the contract start date), we top up your balance to the entitled credit level which you can use to perform deployments, migrate data, create Org difference analyses or schedule Apex Tests and Git Backups. If you require more credits, you can buy additional licenses.  Credits are not sold separately.

For your information, we have detailed below a table summarising the credits consumed for each of the step types and a second table with the Copado features.

Step TypeCredits
Metadata1 credit per item
Data1 credit per 200 rows
Bulk Data1 credit per 1000 rows
Users1 credits per User
Full Profile5 credits per Profile
Full Permission Set5 credits per Permission Set
Full Translation5 credits per Language
Custom Settings1 credits per record
Apex deployment Step1 credit per execution
Manual Tasks0 credits per execution
Git Metadata1 credit per file deployed (up to 50 credits) *
Git Promotion0 credits per execution
Copado FeatureCredits
Org Difference analysis10 credits per analysis
Snapshot Difference analysis30 credits per analysis
Git Snapshot/Backups10 credits per backup
Scheduled Apex Tests5 credits per scheduled run
CI Build Task creation30 credits per build task created

In case of an urgent deployment and lack of credit, you can add additional users at any time.

* Where more than 50 files are deployed, the maximum credits consumed will be topped at 50.

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