Creating a Deployment

Updated 3 days ago by Copado Solutions

Deployments are managed by the Copado Deployment object. The deployments can be accessed using the "Deployments" tab.

Creating a Deployment with Copado is a 4 steps proccess:

  1. 1. Click on the tab, Deployments
  2. 2. Click New.

NOTE: Prior to creating a deployment, you should have created the source Salesforce Org Credential and Destination Org Credentials. Estimations are cached for a few minutes, for performance reasons, so they might not reflect the latest changes. Estimations may not be 100% accurate.

When deploying from Git, you don't need to choose a "From Org" unless you need to combine other steps that are not Git MetaData.

The new 1 page Deployment screen allows you to create a deployment, add destination orgs and add deployment steps to the deployment without leaving the page.

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