Continuous Integration entities

Updated 11 months ago by Iván Minaya

Continuous Integration

This represents the link between a Git repository branch and a target Salesforce org to which information from the Git repository should be deployed.

Continuous Integration Permissions

This allows to set who can execute the CI process or who has read only access. From this object, it's also possible to set up notifications upon build/validate failure/success. 

Build Task

A build task is created for each execution as a result of a CI record. The build task is also linked to Deployment. A build task record is also created when the CI is run and no changes were detected by Git.


A Deployment is a basic entity within Copado and has been part of the application since version 1. However, with CCI a new Step type is included called: “Git MetaData”, which reads the Metadata from a Git repository instead of a Salesforce org. Build tasks automatically create deployments with a Git MetaData step.

Git Repository

Git repositories within Copado store the necessary information to connect to a Git repository. This entity allows you to create a connection to a Git repository via HTTPs or SSH keys authentication.

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