Deployment Steps

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Deployments are carried out in various Steps. The Copado package includes several step types. Click on each step for more details:

  1. Metadata
  2. Full Profiles
  3. Full Permission Sets
  4. Users
  5. Translations
  6. Data
  7. Bulk Data
  8. Delete Metadata
  9. Custom Settings
  10. Apex
  11. Git Metadata
  12. Manual Tasks
  13. URL Callout
  14. External CI Job
Whilst there are no Copado Governor Limits being imposed when deployment steps are executed, a fair usage policy does apply.

Metadata Index Grid

Several deployment steps include a grid with the metadata index of the source Org of your deployment record. The following behavior applies:

  • When the metadata index is loaded for the first time, it will be cached as an attachment called, ‘METADATA’ against the Org record set as the ‘From Org’ o the deployment record. This file should not be edited. To refresh the cache see ‘Refreshing the cache’.
  • A link appears at the top of the grid displaying the last cache refresh/download date.
    • To refresh the cache press the link ‘Refresh cache (saved: LAST_REFRESH_DATE)’. Note that will be represented by an actual date and time value. Refreshing the cache may take a short while depending on the number of configurations within the Org being queried.

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