Selenium Test Runs

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Selenium Test Runs

Selenium Test Runs are executions of tests on the Copado server that may be executed in multiple browsers for multiple testing profiles.

We can create a Quick Run from a Selenium Test Suite, or we can create a Selenium Test Run manually to configure all details.

Creating Selenium Test Runs

In Copado Selenium Testing, we can create Selenium Test Runs in two different ways:

  1. Quick Run.

Quick Run is a way of running tests faster, since in every Quick Run, test suite and test run are automatically created if they didn't already exist. Quick Selenium Settings must be previously defined and they will be used in every new Quick Run.

To execute, press Quick Run button on Selenium Test Case Detail.

  1. Selenium Test Runs.

On the other hand, you can create a test run manually. To do this, click on Selenium Test Runs tab, and press "New" button.
In the creation form, you will need to relate a Selenium Test Suite, an Org Credential (if you are testing a Salesforce Org) and the Selenium Settings that specify the platforms where the test run will be executed.

Running Selenium Test Runs

Every Test Run execution generates a Selenium Test Results record. From the Test Run page, you will see:

  • A list of all this related Selenium Test Results:
  • The latest result summary. It shows the platform where the test run has been executed, the status and the tests runs with their steps:

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