Selenium Setup

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Initial Setup

  1. In your Copado Org, create a new Org Credential for your Copado user (in case you don't have one already). 
  2. Make sure you have a Copado API Key.
  3. Install the Copado Selenium IDE:
    1. If you are not using Copado EU, install from here.
    2. If you are using Copado EU, install from here.
  4. Restart  your browser.
  5. From the Selenium Getting Started tab, click on the link Bind Copado Extension to this org. This should open the Copado Selenium IDE and show your Organization name. The binding is done via your API key, therefore make sure you followed step 1 to create one.
  6. Create a new Selenium Settings record and set your BrowserStack/Sauce Labs account information.
    1. If using BrowserStack, log in to BrowserStack. open your account Settings page (Accounts > Settings) and find your Username and Access Key. Copy these 2 values and paste them in the following WebDriver URL link:
    2. Example SauceLabs WebDriverURL:
With both providers, if the username part is an email, the email must be escaped to fit in a URL format. E.g.: for a it should be written as format.

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