Manage Selenium Tests

Updated 11 months ago by Iván Minaya

With this new Visualforce page, you are going to be able to manage the creation of different Selenium Test Groups and Runs from a very simple UI in which you can select the Suite you want to execute, and the Org Credentials with which you want to run those Suites.

Then, all this groups will be visible from the Promotions page, in which you can monitor the overall status of your Selenium Tests, either in the User Story or the Regression Tests in the Source and Destination environments.

There are two ways you can get access to this Visualforce page.

If you want to create User Story Selenium Tests, click on the button "Manage Selenium Tests" in the User Story layout:

Selenium Test Runs created from the User Story will be bound to the User Story in the "User Story Selenium Tests" junction object and will be of "User Story Test" type.

On the other hand, if you want to create Regression Tests, click on the button "Manage Regression Tests" in the Deployment Flow layout:

The selenium Test Groups created from the Depoyment Flow will be of "Regression Test" type.

Once clicked on the button, the following grid will be displayed:

The page will show you all available Test Suites in your Organization, and all available environments (and their Org Credentials) for the current flow (User Story's flow or Deployment Flow).

Match Suites and Org Credentials as per your convenience and Copado will create Selenium Test Groups and Selenium Test Runs, that once executed, you can monitor their outcomes from the User Story layout and from the Promotion layout.

Copado will try to populate the Selenium Settings based on the previous Selenium Test Groups creations by the running User.

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