Copado Permissioner Overview

Updated 1 month ago by Copado Solutions

The Copado Permissioner application allows you to have a better control of permission set assignments to users.

The first thing you need to do is create personas and associate permission sets to these personas. Once these personas have been created, you can assign them to Salesforce users in order to automatically grant them the corresponding permission sets. 

A persona assignment can be permanent (e.g. Release Manager) or temporary (e.g. List View Manager). A temporary persona assignment will contain an activation and expiration date/time so that removals of persona assignments can be processed automatically.

Copado Permissioner is not just for managing Copado permissions, it can also be used for managing your orgs' permission sets.

When setting up Copado Permissioner, the existing permission set assignments for users should be mapped to a persona. Copado assumes that all the permissions are assigned to the user using personas. Therefore, when assigning a persona to a user, all the pre-existing permission set assignments of that user are removed, and only the persona permissions are assigned to the user. Also, when a persona assignment is revoked, all the permissions the user have are revoked (as long as there are no other persona assignments active/approved).

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