Types of Licenses

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Copado License Manager provides customers with 2 different types of subscription:

  • User-based: All users will be required to have a license to enjoy the features available with that license.  User-based licenses in Copado are Copado Enterprise Edition (CEE), Copado Continuous Integration (CCI), Copado Change Management (CCM), Copado Agile Delivery (CAD), Copado Selenium Testing (CST), Copado Compliance Hub (CCH). 
  • Feature-based: One license will be required for enabling the feature. Feature-based licenses in Copado are Copado Branch Management (CBM) and Copado Selenium Minutes. 

Copado also provides:

  • Packages: Packages are not licenses by themselves, but they accompany licenses. Each CEE license includes a Credits package and each CST includes a Selenium Minutes package. Both are renewed every month and customers can buy more packages of any of them if needed.

For further details about licenses and packages, please, visit our Copado Licenses or FAQs sections.

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