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Copado's backend has 4 static IP addresses. If you have IP restrictions in your Salesforce org, you may need to whitelist them in Setup > Network Access.





Make sure of the following:

  • If there are IP restrictions at the profile level, you will also need to add these addresses in the Login IP Ranges section of the Profile.
  • In Setup > Session Settings, the checkbox Enforce login IP ranges on every request is not enabled.
  • In Setup > Session Settings, the checkbox Lock sessions to the IP address from which they originated is not enabled.

Hosted Git Repository (On Premise)

To connect a hosted Git repository behind a firewall, you will need to whitelist the Copado IP addresses and open the corresponding port (port 443 for HTTPS).

SSH Connection to a server with IP restrictions is not available. 

For the HTTPS connection to be successful, the SSL certificate must be properly installed and issued by a trusted SSL certification authority (not a self-signed SSL certificate).

If your Git repositories on premise are strictly unaccessible, you can use Layer 7 API Management in your network to safely route and control the Copado connection to the specific Git repository containing your Salesforce metadata. Click here for more information.

If, after configuring the SSL, Copado cannot connect to your Git repository, you can download this jar file in a computer* and execute it on the command line to see if there are any HTTPS connection errors, as follows:

java -jar testHTTPS.jar https://github.mycopmany.com

You will need to replace https://github.mycopmany.com with your server URL (make sure it's an HTTPS URL).

If you see a messages 'OK. SSL certificate is trusted.' then you are good. Otherwise, follow the recommendations provided by the program. 

If the certificate is not properly installed, or java doesn't trust it, you will get an error message like the below:

Exception in thread "main" javax.net.ssl.SSLException: ......

If this is the case, troubleshoot the error until the connection is successful**. 

*Make sure that the machine where the program is running doesn't have any custom certificates installed.
**Copado does not provide support for SSL Certificate installation/configuration or whitelisting of IP Addresses in your network.

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