Team Dependency

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You can create Team Dependencies from:

  • User Story page Related List.
  • Team page. 

Types of dependencies:

  1. Team Dependencies needed for this Team.
  2. Team Dependencies on this Team. 

Create a Team Dependency:

  • Click on New Team Dependency.
  • On the Dependent Team, select the team requiring the work to be delivered.
  • On Deliverable, Provide with short description of the requirements of the work.
  • Select the Provider Team, who is going do deliver the work.
  • Save.

You can provide optionally the Dependent User Story and Provider User Story. Whenever you provide them, the record will be shown on the User Story Related List. 

Deploying With Dependencies:

Whenever you create a promotion with user stories with uncompleted Dependencies, a warning icon will be shown next to Create Deployment button. 
Missing Dependencies Warning is shown when one of these conditions are met:

  • When trying to promote a User Story which has a Dependency and the Provider's User Story has not been promoted.

Users can define a Skip Dependency formula field to filter unresolved dependencies. 

Defining Skip Dependency Condition:
You can design a skip dependency rule. To do so Copado provides the following custom metadata: "Copado Settings" > Team Dependency, where you can specify the API name of a formula field on the Team Dependency Object.  By default, Copado sets its value to Skip_Dependency__c field.

To create your own Skip Dependency condition:

  • Create a formula field on Team Dependency Object with your own criteria. 
  • Under Settings > Custom Metadata > Copado Settings > Team Dependency, replace the text field value with the field API name you defined. 

By default,  Skip_Dependency__c field has this criterion: OR( ISPICKVAL( Dependency_Status__c ,'Completed'), ISPICKVAL( Dependency_Status__c ,'Deferred'), ISPICKVAL( Dependency_Status__c ,'Never'))

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