Commit Full Profiles and Permission Sets

Updated 7 months ago by Estela García

With Copado, now you have the ability to commit Full Profiles and Permission Sets from one source org into Git. This is specially useful when the Profile or the Permission Set has to reconcile the existing permissions in Git with latest changes in Salesforce.

Instead of having to commit all related objects (as retrieve only) along with the profile or the permission set, now Copado makes it simpler for all users improving this functionality and allowing to commit full profiles and permission sets through 2 different ways:

  • Just adding a predefined text (@fullprofilespermissionsets) as a comment in the commit:
    • As of v11, you will also have a Git Operation option for Full Profiles and Permission Sets within the commit page:

    Note that if the Permission Set/Profile is new and the "Full Profiles & Permission Sets" option wasn't selected, the item will not be committed as full Permission Set/Profile.

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