Reviewing File Differences

Updated 11 months ago by Iván Minaya

If the Branch Management application detects that there are file differences between two branches, the application performs a local (backend) Git merge between the two branches. Once merged, a validation deployment, containing the modified files in the Git merge, will be executed automatically. The merged files used in the validation deployment can be found in a zipped attachment in the Deployment Flow Step record. 

For Copado V9 and Over:

When clicking any of the the Promote or Back Promote icons you can navigate through the different tabs. By clicking File Differences tab you can review the files that are going to be modified in the merge.

For Copado V8 and Under:
If the automatic validation deployment fails, the list of deployment errors are available by clicking the magnifying glass icon and then navigating to the deployment error tabs.  You can  review the files that are modified in the merge by clicking the same magnifying glass icon:

If a file was updated during the merge, you can review its changes by clicking the "Show Differences" link.

Changes marked in yellow color are changes where "A will win over B". For example:

You can also see the differences displayed as Inline for a better understanding of how the file 1is modified in the merge. For example:

When you click the "Sync" button, the merged files will be deployed.

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