Notifications Tab

Updated 11 months ago by Iván Minaya

A tab called Copado Notifications within your Salesforce App Launcher lists every job currently running on your Org giving you an overview on when and who is or was running a job (commit, promote, backup, deploy, etc.) and its execution status.

As of v9, this object includes a few new fields to let this tab provide more useful information regarding the current status of the jobs. These new fields are the following: 

  • Status of the job: done, succeeded, failed, sending callout, etc. 
  • Finished: if the job finished.
  • Success: if the job finished successfully.
  • Matching key: it is a job identifier.

Note: When Updating from previous Copado Versions make sure to have these fields available. Go to Setup -> Create Objects -> Copado Notification -> Copado NotificationLayout and add the fields: Status, isSuccess, isFinished, Type and Matching Key.

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