Version 11 - Upgrade Instructions

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Important: This is a major release. Please, read the Upgrade Instructions before upgrading, and follow them carefully afterwards.Test on a Sandbox First.


  • Everyone coming from v9.X or older or any v10.X customer receiving a dependency error while installing v11, must  Install this patch before proceeding with v11. This patch is required as we have deprecated a VF page and the platform doesn't allow us to do it directly, customers are forced to first apply a patch and then install the new release.
  •  If you are using Copado_User permission set, it is not required to follow the OLS, FLS, and Tab Visibility upgrade instructions.

OLS, FLS for New Objects Fields and Tab Visibility


  • Scratch_Org_Definition__c.Scratch_Org_Definition_JSON__c
  • Scratch_Org_Definition__c.Duration_in_days__c
  • Scratch_Org_Definition__c.Developer_Hub_Org__c

Org__c : (Org Credential)

  • Org__c.copado__Org_Type__c
  • Org__c.copado__Developer_Hub_Org__c
  • Org__c.copado__Type_Icon__c
  • Org__c.copado__is_Developer_Hub_Org__c
  • Org__c.copado__Default_Scratch_Org_Definition__c
  • Org__c.copado__Scratch_Org_Expiration_Date__c
  • Org__c.copado__Scratch_Org_Status__c


  • Artifact_Version__c.copado__View_In_Git__c
  • Artifact_Version__c.copado__Release_Status__c
  • Artifact_Version__c.copado__Release__c
  • Artifact_Version__c.copado__Artifact__c
  • Artifact_Version__c.copado__Version__c


  • Scratch_Org_Project_Template__c.copado__SFDC_Login_Url__c
  • Scratch_Org_Project_Template__c.copado__Api_Version__c
  • Scratch_Org_Project_Template__c.copado__Project_JSON__c
  • Scratch_Org_Project_Template__c.copado__Developer_Hub_Org__c
  • Scratch_Org_Project_Template__c.copado__Namespace__c
  • Scratch_Org_Project_Template__c.copado__Source_Org_Credential__c


  • Artifact__c.copado__Artifact_Repository__c
  • Artifact__c.copado__Org_Credential__c
  • Artifact__c.copado__Description__c
  • Page Layout: (Make sure the layout assignment is configured as described) 
    • Git Artifact : Artifact Layout 
    • Package Artifact: Package Artifact Layout
  • Record Type:  ( Make sure relevant Profiles have access to the following record types )
    • Git Artifact
    • Package Artifact


  • Theme__c.copado__Active__c
  • Theme__c.copado__Status__c
  • Theme__c.copado__Theme_Details__c


  • User_Story__c.copado__Base_Branch__c
  • User_Story__c.copado__Git_Merge_Status__c
  • User_Story__c.copado__Progress__c
  • User_Story__c.copado__Progress_Status__c
  • User_Story__c.copado__Theme__c
  • User_Story__c.copado_Documentation_Complete__c
  • User_Story__c.copado_Pull_Requests_Approved__c
  • User_Story__c.copado_Manual_Tests_Passed__c
  • User_Story__c.copado_Apex_Test_Passed__c


  • Environment__c.copado__Index_Back_Promotion_metadata__c


  • Promotion__c.copado__Exclude_From_Auto_Resolve__c


  • Release__c.copado__Version__c
  • Release__c.copado__Base_Branch__c


  • Step__c.copado__Manual_Task_Notified__c
  • Step__c.copado__Notify_Task_Owner__c


  • AuxiliaryObject__c.Release__c


  • copado__Static_Code_Analysis_Violation__c.File__c
  • copado__Static_Code_Analysis_Violation__c.Line__c
  • copado__Static_Code_Analysis_Violation__c.Priority__c
  • copado__Static_Code_Analysis_Violation__c.Rule__c
  • copado__Static_Code_Analysis_Violation__c.Message__c
  • copado__Static_Code_Analysis_Violation__c.Score__c
  • copado__Static_Code_Analysis_Violation__c.Info_URL__c
  • copado__Static_Code_Analysis_Violation__c.Static_Code_Analysis_Result__c
  • copado__Static_Code_Analysis_Violation__c.Info_URL_Link__c


  • copado__Static_Code_Analysis_Result__c.Number_of_Violations__c
  • copado__Static_Code_Analysis_Result__c.Details__c
  • copado__Static_Code_Analysis_Result__c.Score_v11__c


  • Git_Repository__c.Tag_Base_URL__c


  • Deployment_Flow__c.Exclude_From_Auto_Resolve__c
  • Deployment_Flow__c.Enable_Copado_DX__c
  • Deployment_Flow__c.Copado_DX_Mode__c


  • Deployment_Flow_Step__c.Enable_as_Scratch_Org_Destination__c

Git_Org_Commit__c (Snapshot Commit)

  • Git_Org_Commit__c.Git_Operation__c

External_CI_Setting__c (External CI Setting)

  • External_CI_Setting__c.CI_Tool__c
    • Add Picklist Value: Bamboo


  • Copado_DX_Panel
  • Scratch_Org_Project_Template__c
  • Scratch_Org_Definition__c
  • Artifact__c
  • Team__c
  • Theme__c



Record Type

  • Artifact__c.Package_Artifact
  • Artifact__c.Git_Artifact

Custom App

  • Copado DX


Add the fields and buttons to the required layout.

Important: Due to a Salesforce issue, execute this extra step:

  1. Navigate to the User Story layout.
  2. Add the Visualforce Page "AddTestClasses" right above the "UserStorySelectedMetadata" Visualforce page.
  3. Set the Width and Height to 0

    Deployment Flow

    • Add Fields:
      • Enable Copado DX
      • Copado DX Mode
      • Exclude From Auto Resolve

    Deployment Flow Step

    • Add Fields:
      • Enable as Scratch Org Target

    Deploy Later

    If you had a workflow rule associated to Deploy Later feature, disable it. Now, when choosing this option in your deployment, a new Scheduled job will be created for you and it will be run at the selected time and date.


    • Add Fields:
      • Show Copado Tips


    • Fields
      • Base Branch
      • Version

    User Story

    • Button
      • Scratch Org Wizard
      • Copado DX
      • Remove: Static Code Analysis Summary
    • Section
      • Definition of Done
    • Fields
      • Theme
      • Progress
      • Progress Status
      • Base Branch
      • Into the Definition of Done section:
        • Documentation Complete
        • Pull Requests Approved
        • Manual Tests Passed
        • Apex Test Passed

    Test Run (Execution)

    • Button
      • Create Test Scratch Org
      • Copado DX

    Enable Copado Tooltips:

    • Enable for existing User Copado Tooltips by checking the "Show Copado Tips"  checkbox on the User. 

    Snapshot Commit 

    • Include CommittedMetadata VF page in the in the Snapshot Commit layout

    Static Code Analysis Result

    • Remove:  Rules Violated and copado.Score.
    • Include: Number of Violations and copado.Score_v11.
    • Include: Related List Static Code Analysis Violations, we recommend to have Name, File, Rule, Priority, Message and Info URL.

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