How to Create a Compliance Rule

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In order to create a compliance rule follow the steps below:

  1. Open Copado Compliance Hub.
  2. Navigate to the Compliance Rules tab and click on New.
  3. Select  Copado Record Type.
  4. Fill in the Information section:
    1. Provide a Compliance Rule Name.
    2. Select the Severity.
    3. Select the Action.
    4. Set to true the Active checkbox.
  5. Fill in the Criteria section:
    1. Select the Record Count Criteria.
    2. Select a Matching Criteria.
    3. Provide the Record Count.
    4. Fill in the Error Message field.
  6. Save.

A compliance rule requires rule criteria, witch are the collection of conditional statements and the logic that will be considered by Copado scanner. To learn how to add rule criteria to a compliance rule, please refer to this article.

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