How to Add Rule Criteria to a Compliance Rule

Updated 1 week ago by Copado Solutions

Compliance rule criteria are a collection of conditional statements and the logic that will be considered by Copado scanner. In order to add rule criteria to a compliance rule follow the steps below:

  1. From an existing Compliance Rule, click on Manage Criteria.
  2. From the Manage Compliance Rule Criteria page, select a metadata type.
  3. From the Criteria Selection section, complete the items to build the required conditional statements.
  4. If advanced criteria logic is required:
    1. Click on Add Filter Logic at the bottom of the Criteria Selection section.
    2. For each conditional statement row, a number will appear on the left. This number is a reference for the statement.
    3. Type in your personalized filter logic  using Salesforce's standard logical operators (AND, OR, NOT), and referencing the conditional statement with its number.
  5. Save.
By default, rule criteria are the AND logical operators among all of the conditional statements.

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