Compliance Scan and Scan Results

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Running a Compliance Scan

Copado will perform an automatic Compliance Scan based on the environment's compliance rule group and the selected compliance scan events. 

A compliance scan can be manually requested from the following sections:

  • Org Credential page: 
    • Scan runs against all Metadata in the Org.
  • User Story page: 
    • Scan is run against User Story Metadata or Git Selection.
    If the metadata components in the user story do not match a metadata type in a compliance rule, no scan will be performed. 
  • Git Snapshot page:
    • Scan runs against the components committed in the branch.
Visual alert is shown on the page from where the compliance scan was manually requested or automatically triggered. This can be a User Story, an Org Credential (Environment), a Git Snapshot or a Deployment record. 

Copado Scan Results

Copado scan results hold the list of compliance findings detected in a compliance scan, a reference to the object record that triggered the scan, and the environment where findings occurred.  

In order to review Copado scan results follow these steps:

  1. Open Copado Compliance Hub.
  2. Navigate to the Compliance Scan Results tab.
  3. Open the required Scan Result record.
  4. Review findings from the Compliance Findings related list.

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