Best Practices Validations in CBM Flows

Updated 1 month ago by Copado Solutions

Copado has enabled the following validations:

  • All flow steps must have a branch.
  • All flow steps must have a source and a destination.
  • There are no duplicated branches in the steps.
  • There are no duplicated source environments.
  • If Enforce branch/env naming convention is set to true, the branch and the source environment must be equal. (case sensitive), e.g. environment name 'UAT'  vs. branch name 'UAT'.
The flow’s UI has changed and now it's read only, so all management in your flow has to be done in the Deployment Flow Steps related list to help enforce these best practices.

How to Use It

If you want to enforce the naming convention between environments and branches, you have to set the Enforce branch/env naming convention checkbox to true.

Validations will apply when you try to activate a CBM flow, when you try to edit an active CBM flow, or when you create or edit a deployment flow step in an active CBM flow.

If you want to disable these best practices enforcement, you can turn off the validations by setting the Disable Validations checkbox to true.

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