Version 4.4 - Release Notes

Updated 1 month ago by Copado Solutions

Snapshot Differences

  • We have added the file names within the Difference viewer for your convenience.
  • A small bug where the status messages were not displayed has also been fixed.
  • You now have the ability to view the entire file in the Snapshot Difference calculation.

Metadata and Git Metadata steps

  • The Find and Replace labels have been made more user friendly.
  • On the Git Metadata step, the grid selector now includes Select/Unselect All buttons.

Detailed Deployment History

  • To facilitate SOX compliancy reports we have created a full deployment history that tracks the creation, updates and deletion (where applicable) for Deployment, Steps and Destination Orgs.

User Stories

  • Whilst the Has Apex Code picklist was very useful it did not in some cases provide enough flexibility for Approval Process routing. We have therefore created a multi-select picklist where all selected metadata types will be added automatically. We recommend that this is used moving forward for your approval processes and other automations.

Deployment Results

  • After a deployment has completed with errors, users would have had to flick between the Deployment Results tab and the Selected Metadata tab. To improve this process the Deployment Results can now be opened in a new tab/window to allow you to easily flick betwen the metadata step selections and the deployment errors.

Upgrade instructions

New Object and fields, make sure OLS and FLS are properly set for the following components.
  • New Custom Field: User Story -> Metadata Types in Selection
  • New Custom Object: Copado Deployment History
  • New Custom Fields: Copado Deployment History -> All fields
Edit User Story layout and add the following field
  • Metadata Types in Selection
Edit Deployment layout as follows
  • Add the related list called Copado Deployment History
  • Remove the "new" button from that related list called
  • Add the fields Name, Event, Object, Field, Old Value, New Value, User and Date
  • Sort related list by Date Ascending

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