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Suggested License

Product Owner / Functional Consultant / Business User

  • Create projects and user stories.
  • Define acceptance criteria of user stories.
  • Review and approve product and sprint backlog and backburner.

Copado Agile Delivery

Scrum Master / Team Lead

  • Facilitate project delivery according to the Agile/Scrum methodology.
  • Manage projects, epics, sprints and releases within Copado.
  • Assign user stories to developers / admins.
  • Monitor kanban board and sprint progress.
  • Review Copado reports and dashboards for performance to identify bottlenecks.

Copado Agile Delivery

Test Automation Team

  • Orchestrate and perform Selenium test creation and execution.
  • Provide guidance for Selenium test creation.
  • Monitor and report on testing activity.

Copado Selenium Testing

Selenium Specialist

  • Create Selenium tests.
  • Troubleshoot test errors.
  • Optimize tests to lower the amount of minutes used per run.

Copado Selenium Testing

User Acceptance Tester

  • Execute user story test runs.
  • Approve and sign off user stories.
  • Provide feedback to improve solution usability.

Copado Agile Delivery

Salesforce Admin / Developer

  • Update user stories.
  • Add / Commit changes.
  • Create git pull requests and request reviews.
  • Sync new changes from higher environments.
  • Can create user story test scripts and test runs.
  • Submit user stories for approval (alternatively, deploys user stories to sandboxes).

Copado Change Management

Release Manager

  • Support end-to-end user story development process definition.
  • Approve user stories for deployment.
  • Coordinate conflict resolution.
  • Make sure all quality gates have been met
  • In charge of deployments and releases to production.
  • Monitor deployment activity through Copado reports and dashboards.
  • Manage and sync environments and Git branches.

Copado Enterprise License

Compliance Officer

  • Create compliance rules and define rule criteria
  • Review and follow up on compliance findings
  • Schedule compliance scans

Copado Compliance

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