How to Create a User Story

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User stories are located in Copado Change Management. You can access this feature directly via the User Stories tab, or from a project by clicking on the User Stories section within the related list of the project.

To create a new user story follow the steps below:

  1. Click on New in the top right corner of the User Stories tab or User Stories section within related list of the project.
  2. Fill in the relevant fields and add the desired information. If you select a sprint but not a project, Copado will automatically set the Project lookup field to the project of the sprint.
  3. If you set the Ready to Promote checkbox to true, you will make the user story eligible for promotion.
  4. If you set the Promote and Deploy checkbox to true, you will trigger a new Promotion record for that user story which will be executed immediately.
  5. Once you have filled in all the relevant fields, click on Save.

For more information about user stories, check out the articles User Story Overview and Relevant Fields in a User Story.

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