User Story Metadata related list shows components not committed

When reviewing a User Story in Copado you might see entries in 'User Story Metadata' related list for components that were not committed there.

The components you can see in the User Story Metadata related list are:

1. Components that you committed in the user story. The status will be "Potential Conflict" if the same component was committed in another user story. No status means that there is no potential conflict for that component with other user stories.

User-added image

2. Files that were auto resolved by Copado when the feature branch of that user story was merged into a promotion branch. The status for these components is "Auto-resolved" because Copado had to auto resolved the merge of these files when the feature branch was merged into the promotion branch.

User-added image

The entries will appear also in the promotion record:

User-added image

You might see a lot of entries generated when the feature branch of the user story is quite different from the target branches.


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