Committing Order Status picklist field and StandardValueSet returns No Changes message

You might receive the error message below when committing "Status" field on "Order" object and/or "OrderStatus" StandardValueSet :

"The latest commit contains No Changes. This happens when the selected components are equal to their corresponding files in Git. To remove this warning delete the No Changes commit from the User Story Commits related list." 

This basically means that you are not making any changes in the feature branch created from master

This happens since, according to the official Salesforce documentation, some StandardValueSet Names and Standard Picklist Fields are not supported by the MetaData API and can't be retrieved or deployed therefore you are not making any changes when committing.
You can get the list of supported Standard Picklist Fields in the following URL:

Please, bear in mind that if you commit these StandardValueSet along with other components, you will not get a "No Changes" error and the commit will be successful, however, you will obtain the following error if you try to deploy it:

"[ OrderStatus] An object 'OrderStatus' of type StandardValueSet was named in package.xml, but was not found in zipped directory" 


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