Vlocity activation errors returned as warnings.

Some Vlocity components contain versions that are activated when the component is deployed. This can happen with OmniScripts for example. The activation might fail when the component is deployed and the Vlocity tool will return an error. This doesn't mean that the deployment failed, it's just that the component deployed could not be activated in the target org and the Vlocity tool is informing you about that. Copado will display the error in the same way it's returned to us by the Vlocity tool but, since the message is returned as an Error, the deployment process in Copado will stop and the promotion branch will not be merged into the target branch.


In order to prevent the deployment process in Copado to fail and stop the promotion branch from being merged into the target branch, Copado will regard those errors are warnings and the deployment process will continue merging the promotion branch into the target branch.

Bear in mind that you will have to activate the component version manually in the target org, but this way, the entire deployment process (deployment and merge) will be completed.

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