id_rsa Attachment not found

When doing a commit or any operation related with one of your Git Repositories in Copado you might receive an email with the message below:

"A task could not be run on Copado. Please carefully review the below information as an action may be required from your end in order to enable the Copado task to complete successfully. Details: Unexpected Error while taking a Snapshot. Id: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Message: id_rsa Attachment not found"

If you receive this email, take the Snapshot Id provided and open it in your org. From the Git Snapshot navigate to the Git Repository associated. Under the section Current Keys, you should see a File with the actions View | Delete. You will have to recreate the file using the button "Create SSH Keys" and add the new key to the Repository in Git. Make sure the new Key is added to the repository in Git otherwise the authentication will fail.

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