Copado Base Setup

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If you are new to Copado, in this article you will find all the steps to quickly set up Copado and get started.

Base Setup

  1. Install Copado from the AppExchange.
    1. Enable/whitelist the Copado IP Addresses in your Salesforce's network settings, if there are IP restrictions, to allow Copado to access your Salesforce org.
  2. Add users to the Copado package by going to SetupInstalled Packages.
  3. Assign users the Copado User permission set.
  4. Assign Copado licenses to each user through Copado License Manager.
  5. Create an org credential record for each user that will be working with Copado.
    1. An org credential represents the permission for Copado to access an org as on behalf of a user.
    2. Org credentials must be authenticated with the users of the org where Copado is installed.
  6. Create an API Key for your user to enable the Webhooks functionality, e.g. scheduling Copado jobs or allowing for custom automation of actions.
  7. If required, set up the sandbox environments that you will connect to Copado (sandboxes / developer / production orgs, e.g. dev1, dev2, int, UAT) and then create org credentials for each of the orgs. When setting OAuth, sign in with the corresponding user of each org.
Please note that this last step is now performed by the pipeline wizard.

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