Version 3.10 - Release Notes

Updated 1 month ago by Copado Solutions

  • Add existing commits to User Stories
  • Create commits straight from the User Story
  • Partial Snapshot Differences (instead of the full org)
  • Complete a manual task early (instead of waiting for Copado to reach that item so you can update the status).
  • Deploy from git using a starting commit and an ending commit. Copado will select all the files in the commits for you.
  • CI Email results has been improved with full details of errors as well as deployed content.
  • Upgrade instructions

  • The following changes need to be made in order to upgrade Copado to the latest version. When upgrading to the latest version of Copa do and some versions in between have been skipped, you will need to complete the previous versions' upgrade instructions too.
  • FLS = Field Level Security OLS = Object Level Security

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